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Gymnastics is the best base for many other sports and opens doors for all kinds of physical activities, such as:
Figure-Skating, Tennis, Ice-Hockey, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Athletics and more.
It's a lot of fun for kids to do sport with their friends and the healthy way for them to enjoy their free time.
After 3-5 months of training the kids can take the 1st and 2nd Star tests and could be ready to take part in some competitions to try and win their first medals.

"Don't dream of winning. Train for it." (Mo Farah)

Class Trainer

Dr. Liena Gubareva

Fitness Specialist / CEO

Ph.d. in Sport Pedagogics,
Fitness and Choreography.
25 years' experience in Gymnastics
& as Personal Trainer in Switzerland.
"QUALITOP" certification.


Class Information

Age: 4 - 10 years old
Date: 6-12 Months
Time: 1-3 Times / week - 45-75 min
Certificate: 1, 2, 3, 4 Star