Who We Are

"Inspire Fitness" is a unique, tailor-made fitness-health technology, backed by scientific research and created by Dr. Liena Gubareva. We are located in Zürich and have a long history of partnering with top sports clubs throughout Switzerland.

With 25 years of practical experience, this training system has demonstrated great success with over 1000 top athletes in different sports disciplines, including Figure Skating, Tennis, Hockey, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Fitness.

Liena's fitness technology, which is based on the traditional Russian school of Gymnastics, Choreography and Figure Skating, is complemented by the latest international fitness trends out of Singapore, Miami, Moscow, Sydney, Hong Kong and wherever there are exciting developments in fitness and sport.


Liena's Inspiration

Sport is my life. It has inspired me and I would like to share this inspiration with you.
Healthy body. Healthy mind. Strong spirit.
I live my LOVE.

How Liena's fitness technology became a source of inspiration and an essential part of the daily routine for many top athletes , kids and adults.

As a young girl I fell in love with gymnastics and it became my loyal friend and my passion for life.
Being a top athlete myself and going through the tough and highly ambitious Russian- Ukrainian school of Rhythmic Gymnastics, there was no other way but for sport to become my daily routine and the main focus of my life.

Thousands of hours were spent in the gym practicing routine. Not one day was without training. No single year without winning new medals and reaching a new goal – continually striving to be the best.

Later on, after my career as a competitive gymnast, my life in sport took on a different dimension. Studying at the University of Physical Education and Sport, doing research for my thesis, participating in sport congresses and fitness conventions, I discovered sport and fitness as a scientist. The benefits of my own training, accumulated over many years, received a scientific foundation and support.

Excited to pass on my knowledge and inspiration to the next generation, my journey in sport continued with teaching and training other athletes. Starting as a young student in Switzerland, I worked mostly with the top figure skaters on the Swiss national team. Thereafter, step by step, year by year, I built a career working in a variety of sports in Switzerland, accumulating 25 years of experience and working with over 1000 remarkable athletes, including Swiss Champions and international Champions in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Tennis, Figure Skating and Hockey.

Whatever I've done in the past and whatever I'm doing now – whether it is striving for perfection with top athletes or training happy kids, challenging my clients in exclusive Personal Training or doing Power Workout - with a group of friends, creating new choreography for a show or organising a fitness camp at an inspirational destination – it is done with all my knowledge, experience and passion as I can't do it any other way. " Sport is my life!" and I love everything that I'm doing – " I live my LOVE".


Hard work creates happy experiences and a strong foundation for life.

"What is difficult in training will become easy in battle!" – Alexander Suvorov: national hero and last General of the Russian Empire - one of the few who never lost a battle.

Growing up in a family of engineers and pilots the focus was on applied mathematics and technical disciplines and the path to success was an education at the Technical University or Pilot's Academy. When at the age of 5 I started to attend ballet classes and at the age of 7, was selected for Rhythmic Gymnastics, no one believed it would become my passion for life. This graceful, elegant female sport was so exclusive, I couldn't imagine being able to do something I'd only seen on TV.

My childhood was spent preparing for the highlights of ballet performances and with gymnastics training:

learning every day, discovering the amazing world of princesses and fairy heroes, listening to classical music, spending each day in the gym "struggling" with the new elements and "naughty" ball, ribbon, hoop, and rope – the objects which must follow you without any mistake, becoming part of your body.

The hard work was a pleasure and went to the gym, as if to the " Palace of Sport", with shiny, happy eyes and much excitement over every little improvement. The best reward for us as children was a trip to the premiere of a Russian Ballet production at the opera house. We knew every part of the music, every costume, every ballet dancer and silently spent hours watching our idols on the stage. No computers, no You Tube, not even video cameras were available at that time, so you had to rely only on your eyes and your body to remember the movements and memorise the performance.

At the age of 9 a big decision had to be made: the choice between a career in ballet or the sports route with Rhythmic Gymnastics. I was passionate about both and on the basis of my talent the teachers spoke of a bright future in both fields. In the end the decision was made for me. At that time, my family lived in the biggest industrial region in the Ukraine and my father was responsible for the engineering of the capital buildings projects in Donbass. For a ballet career I needed to move to the Vaganova Academy in St.Petersburg, which was thousands of kilometres away. I was too young to leave the family and my home.

Rhythmic Gymnastics became my favourite activity and 6-7 hours of training every day brought great improvement- physically, technically and mentally. I won one silver and gold medal after another, became the champion of the city, then the region and had my first experience at the national competitions of the Ukraine and the Soviet Union.

You can't escape your fate and mine led me away from home just few years later. At the age of 13 I was selected for the Ukranian national team and later for the national team of the Soviet Union for the group exercises. A new, challenging period in elite sport began for me and my life was lived between Kiev, Moscow and sport camps.

We trained intensively for 9-11 hours a day to reach our goals. Only first place and gold medals mattered. Our days in the famous Irina & Albina Derugina's School (Kiev, Ukraine) were meticulously planned, with every minute and every hour accounted for. No excuse, no pain, no fever, no mistakes – just do your best in any situation! Holidays were not allowed, except for 4 days after the main international competitions to see your family.

The famous quote of last General of the Russian Empire and national hero Alexander Suvorov

"What is difficult in training will become easy in battle!" – was our favourite motto and motivated us every day.

This tough gymnastics program and strict discipline prepared not only physically perfect top gymnasts, but also strong personalities.

Mental strength and ambition, the desire to reach one's goal come what may, never give up. This was the experience, which I took with me from Rhythmic Gymnastics, from my coaches and my teachers and I am very grateful for that.



Dr. Liena Gubareva
Diploma of Gymnastics and Fitness Specialist, Choreographer, National Ukrainian University of Physical Education and Sport, Kiev; Gold Medal in the Masterclass, Member of the Ukrainian National team of Rhythmic Gymnastics (ex.USSR). Doctorate in Sport Pedagogics, Fitness Training and Choreography.
Thesis on the topic: "Development of the pedagogical technology for fitness training, taking into account health factors." A new training system was created and tested under different terms and specifications.
25 years' experience in Gymnastics, Fitness and as Choreographer and as Personal Trainer in Switzerland. "QUALITOP" certification as Trainer in Fitness.
Swiss Champions in Figure Skating, Tennis, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hockey.