Class details

Training ensures harmony in developing the body and makes the children happy.

The kids practise different kinds of choreography, steps and dance styles. They try out classical ballet positions, modern moves and fairy compositions.

Training helps to improve rhythmical and musical abilities through different styles of music- from children's songs to current hits and classical music.

"Let your eyes sparkle as brightly as your crown."

Class Trainer

Dr. Liena Gubareva

Fitness Specialist / CEO

Ph.d. in Sport Pedagogics,
Fitness and Choreography.
25 years' experience in Gymnastics
& as Personal Trainer in Switzerland.
"QUALITOP" certification.


Class Information

Age: 4 - 9 years old
Date: 3-12 Months
Time: 1-3 Times / week - 45-60 min
Certificate: 1, 2 Star