Class details

Challenging the teenagers physically and listening to their current interests, training with Liena helps them to navigate puberty being happy and successful! Training builds up a sporty character and teaches young people to deal with difficulties in life.
Push your limits, torch calories and fast track your improvements! Whatever you're doing, whether it's challenging new elements or regenerative stretching, follow the motto - "Be your best self"!

Dance workout was created especially for teenagers – to explore the modern trends in music ( reggaeton, house, hip-hop, latin pop etc.)
The class presents a huge variety of dance moves, steps, jumps and pirouettes. The goal is to create your own choreography to your favourite music style.
Besides boosting dance skills, this workout develops self-confidence: you will feel good and be able to enjoy any dance party around the world.

"Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning."

Class Trainer

Dr. Liena Gubareva

Fitness Specialist / CEO

Ph.d. in Sport Pedagogics,
Fitness and Choreography.
25 years' experience in Gymnastics
& as Personal Trainer in Switzerland.
"QUALITOP" certification.


Class Information

Age: 13 - 18 years old
Date: School Year
Time: 3-5 Times / week - 75-180 min
Certificate: Sport tests