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You can successfully achieve your fitness goals as a family. Doing sport and fitness activities together, all the family members become participants of one team.
Sounds too good to be true, but Liena's Family Fitness makes this possible.
It could become a nice family tradition, to energize the week doing sport and fitness training together. Liena's Family Fitness finds the best exercises and the right impact level for each family member.

"Focus on different individual goals and have fun together."

One of the best examples of the positive impact of sporty parents is the family of Maria and Pedro De La Rosa with their 3 girls.
Experienced and well known F1 driver, Pedro De La Rosa , who spent over 20 years in high level racing, can't spend a day without training. It doesn't matter how long the overnight flight back from the race is, the next day starts with a powerful workout in the gym. Bike tours, specific training as a F1 driver, triathlon, hiking and marathon training, stretching... For Pedro De La Rosa it's not just a job, it's his lifestyle and the lifestyle of his family!
His wife, Maria Ventos De La Rosa , a talented interior designer, former top athlete in field hockey and mother of 3 girls, can't live without sport either. For Maria sport is part of her daily routine!
Living in Zürich Maria was trained with Liena 3- 5 times a week over 7 years. She shared her big love of movement, dance and music with her daughters, doing gymnastics and acrobatics from a very young age ( 2.5 years old). Traditional Christmas performances, summer festivals and sports days at the De La Rosa house opened the door to a sporty lifestyle for many kids and families.
Gymnastics & Acrobatics training provided the best base for the kids' future: success in tennis, athletics, swimming, skiing, horse riding and car racing.
Maria improved her dancing and performance talents, extended her singing career and got a solo role in the Musical Theatre of Barcelona.
Traditionally the whole family spends the summer holidays in Mallorca. Lots of sunshine, fun and beautiful sea, but also lots of training and sport every day - biking, swimming, triathlon, yoga!
Liena is invited to present the latest Bodyshaping & Power Training as well as Sculpt & Stretching Workouts and enjoy the time with these friends in a Mediterranean paradise. The ideal sporty holiday!
Maria and Pedro De La Rosa are great ambassadors for the positive effects of sporty parents and family fitness.
Whether at their home in Zürich or during their summers on Mallorca, it has been a pleasure sharing Liena's Workouts with these sports enthusiasts.

Class Trainer

Dr. Liena Gubareva

Fitness Specialist / CEO

Ph.d. in Sport Pedagogics,
Fitness and Choreography.
25 years' experience in Gymnastics
& as Personal Trainer in Switzerland.
"QUALITOP" certification.


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Date: 12 Months / Holidays
Time: 1 Time / week - 60-90 min
Certificate: Team Rating